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JobFair 26-27.03.2008

One of the most important projects of BEST Sofia is the Job Fair – exhibition of companies, potential employers and direct contacts with students from the Technical University – Sofia and the other universities in Sofia. JobFairs are events which BEST Sofia organizes every year. This year the event is organized with the support of The Faculty of Communications and Communications Technologies in the Technical University – Sofia. It’s no accident that one of the most wanted specialists in the business and in the building of the new technologies is in the communication, computer and electronic systems.

The realization and preparation of JobFair 2008 is a result from the collaboration between the university and the members of LBG Sofia. The students from the Technical University – Sofia are wanted as because of their technical knowledges as the high quality of foreign language’s education in the sphere of marketing and economic. That’s why LBG Sofia keeps in touch with the Faculty of German Engineering and Industrial Management in the Technical University – Sofia. Our main idea is to provide a possibility to all the students from Technical University Sofia bigger chances for realization here and now. Every year a lot of motivated and well-prepared students graduate the Technical University. The question: “Which way to choose after that?” seems to be really important for their future. Owing to the companies participated in Job Fair 2008 we hope to afford more opportunities for the young specialists. Job Fair 2008 will provide the companies not only with the opportunity for direct contact with their future employees, for presenting the company’s offers for practices and diploma works but with all other activities, organized for the students. BEST Sofia has already a tradition in organizing of events that helps the students to find the right way to their future career. A lot of students filled in autobiographies, which were given to the companies from the last two Job Fairs in CD form. Because of these actions some of all these young engineers found their right way. We hope that owing to your help, the future participants in Job Fair 2008, again we together will give a chance to the young people to find their realization when showing them a small part of the opportunities of the successful career.

Bigger possibilities-higher aims!

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